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// My Love for Hayley//

I’m back to loving Hayley Williams. Naaaaah! I don’t know, it’s just so hard to let her go. Hahaha.

Well, I have always loved her, and her band, and her songs. And, I always find myself singing almost all the songs from their album (and properly arrange).

Her voice is just so awesome. I’m not a very big fan of rock, and pop, but she’s always an exception, ‘cause she’s just pretty so amazing. And I really don’t care about those people bashing her. No, I will kill for her. Hahaha!




I know! I love you Hayley! (I do not claim copyright to any of the photos above)

Now I miss Game of Thrones! Hahaha!

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// Shoot and Shoot Until You Die//

After a month, my camera is back from serious operation done in Singapore. That day, I was so excited to use it again, and test if everything’s working fine. But made me wait for another week to finally use it, because I am just so busy with my work.

But anyway, it’s worth all the wait.

Here are some of the photos I took after more than a month of missing my baby Eff Dy!

I know, I need more practice thus more time.


We love your babies! Yesterday, we asked everyone to share their favorite film cameras, and we cannot believe the number of beautiful babies that you guys are hoarding at home. After multiple fits of jealousy and a little envious brooding, we decided to pick the 10 that make us drool the most.

Here are the owners of the gorgeous eye candy above:

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  8. Robert Grimm
  9. incompetentlyclive
  10. fifthonovember

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// Sorry, But I Love McDo//

Lately, there are lots of news telling how dirty McDonalds foods are. There’s this McNuggets with some fibers inside, then there’s this Cheeseburger that could last for more than half a year because of some preservatives added.

But you know what? I really don’t care at all, because I’m a big fan of McDo, I love their foods, I love their service, and after all, I believe that all foods are dirty in a sense. We eat them anyway, because of course, we have to live.

I’m not trying to be unfair here. I love other fast food resto, it’s just that I love McDo above all. Cheers!

This is so true.. This is actually one of my secret to happiness.

This is so true.. This is actually one of my secret to happiness.

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// A Letter to the King of Kings//

Dear Lord,

I’ve been in this confusion for days now. The truth is I can’t still understand it. I feel like I’m floating, I feel like for some reason I don’t have my soul.  

I know I shouldn’t feel this way, we’ve just finished our church’s youth concert, and I as one of the heads of that event are required to grasp the message during that day, to forget the past, to focus on your priorities, and to function in the present. Ok, so now I feel like I never really understood what the message was all about, ‘cause just right after the event, I was back to being “me”. 

Slowly, things are getting clearer. “Me” is not enough, “me” don’t deserve your love, “me” is nothing but a floating body. 

Lord, I’m so sorry, if I’m too deaf to hear you, and too blind to see you. Will you change my heart? Will you make it as good as your heart is? Will you take it away from sins?

Fireproof doesn’t mean the fire will never come. It means when the fire comes that you will be able to withstand it.
Lesson I learned from the movie “Fireproof”
We all get heavier as we get older because there’s a lot more information in our heads… So, I’m not fat! I’m just really intelligent and my head couldn’t hold anymore so it started filling up the rest of me.

"I can see it. This one moment when you know you’re not a sad story. You are alive. And you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. And you’re listening to that song on that drive with the people you love most in this world. And in this moment, I swear…We are infinite." -Charlie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

We accept the love we think we deserve.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower

// Violence in Syria//

Forty-three people were reported killed in Syria due to the continuous altercation of government forces and Syrian protesters.

Violence ripped through the Damascus suburbs of Douma, Moademy, and Zamalka, and other cities — Homs, Harasta, and Izraa.

According to the state-run news agency, there were demonstrations and clashes that caused injuries but none of them were killed. However human rights groups and witnesses told a different story.

According to them,the security forces have killed so many people — eight people died and approximately 25 people were wounded.

“They are acting as an armed gang, not as security forces.”

A doctor in the Damascus suburb of Moadamy said six people were killed and dozens wounded when security forces fired in an “indiscriminate and disproportionate manner” on thousands of demonstrators. The doctor, a pediatrician, said it was difficult taking the wounded to the hospital. Syrian security forces had set up checkpoints across the area and were preventing anyone from entering or leaving the suburb (CNN).

British Foreign Secretary William Hague called the killings “unacceptable”. He also said that the security forces must exercise restraint instead of repression, and the Syrian authorities must respect the Syrian people’s right to peaceful protest.

U.S. President Barack Obama issued a statement in which he condemned “in the strongest possible terms” the use of force by the Syrian government against demonstrators. “This outrageous use of violence to quell protests must come to an end now,” he said. “The Syrian people have called for the freedoms that all individuals around the world should enjoy: freedom of expression, association, peaceful assembly, and the ability to freely choose their leaders. President Assad and the Syrian authorities have repeatedly rejected their calls and chosen the path of repression.” He accused Assad of “blaming outsiders while seeking Iranian assistance in repressing Syria’s citizens through the same brutal tactics that have been used by his Iranian allies.” Obama added, “The United States will continue to stand up for democracy and the universal rights that all human beings deserve, in Syria and around the world.”

Visit CNN for more updates.

// My Friend Patrick!//

College life is diff’rent from any other levels of education. I took Mass Communication — this ain’t my first choice, or second, or third, but I learned to love it, I don’t have a choice but to love it, or else I’m gonna start all over again.

There are 35 girls and 5 guys in our section… the 5, I’m not sure about their identity, what I mean is its really hard to see who’s straight or not in the world of Mass Communication, but being homosexual isn’t a big question in our college. You’ll get used to it soon.

When I entered college, I lost all my boyfriends — they’re in other school, and me? I was like studying at an all girls school. I miss talking to guys — to the real guys, somehow they’re different. You’ll learn things from them that you will never learn from girls. They are emotional too, it just happened that girls are much articulate and expressive (because articulate and expressive boys were seen as gays — that’s the idea of society which for me is absolutely wrong).

Patrick. He’s my fiancé hahaha… I’m kidding! He’s my friend, the closest guy to me — now. He has thick, curly brown hair — its supposed to be black but he dyed it brown. He’s kind and super funny, sweet and talkative (so maybe he’s a gay). Oh no! I don’t think so.

I feel comfortable with him. I love the way he talks and shares his thoughts. He never hesitated and stopped from sharing his lifetime stories. He became my companion and best buddy, and once again I have a friend — who’s a boy!

I hate it when they thought of articulate and expressive guy as gay, because I don’t believe in this idea. If a boy cries or express himself it doesn’t mean that he’s weak, feeble or gay, in fact I looked at them as strong, smart, brave and real.

I admire those guys who believe in the power of verbal communication, those guys who are frank and true about their feelings, those who doesn’t need to hide their thoughts inside, those who doesn’t need to hung themselves to death.

For me guys must be treated as human — they have feelings to be expressed, and girls should learn to appreciate an expressive guy. Just like my friend Patrick.

There are two ways of living life. One is to live as though nothing is a miracle. The other is to live as though everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein
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